• No other exercise routine or trainer has gotten me in the shape I am now!!! It's amazing what TRX has done for my body and mind. By keeping up to date with new exercises, Darla makes the class interesting and keeps us motivated. Challenging us is what she does best!!! Darla’s vast knowledge gives her the ability to show modifications for each TRX exercise and within time her encouragement will have you doing the full-blown challenging exercises. The combination of her TRX and cardio workout

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  • TRX is a great way to shake up your old exercise routine and shock your body. I have noticed my core strength and balance have really improved by taking TRX classes. Love it. Darla is an excellent instructor and exercise coach. Her motivation to "stick with it, almost there, do just one more" has helped me push myself. Thank you Darla.

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  • I thought boot camp was insane but TRX work-outs are intense! After 4 weeks of TRX training with Darla I noticed a considerable difference in muscle, tone, and endurance. If you are looking for a work out that will challenge you and take you to the next level then I would recommend taking TRX classes with Darla. She challenges and encourages each of her students

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  • I purchased a TRX about a year ago, but only used it intermittently. I started taking Darla’s classes and thought it would be a good opportunity to really learn how to properly use the TRX. Over the last few months I feel my strength has dramatically improved and I am still learning new ways to tweak my muscles. This is due to the way that Darla challenges all of us with new TRX exercises, so your muscles do not plateau. Not only do I get a great strength workout, but I also get a great car

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  • Darla's TRX class is very challenging and has taken my workout to a new level. It is amazing how this class can target strength, balance and stability! The core is involved during the whole time! It can be exhausting but Darla guides you through the process and helps to modify exercises so as to maximize my workout. There is no doubt that every muscle is working at its optimal level. Thanks Darla for making me stronger. I notice the progress at each class!

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" I have started many exercise programs and scoured the web in search of what's "trending" for weight management and exercise to lose fat, build muscle and strength.  Finally, I found and fell in love with TRX training. It engages your entire body and mind with every move. You are challenged and learn something new at every training session.  I am training for my senior years and regardless of your level of fitness and age - you can benefit from TRX.  Darla Andrews, is a terrific, positive TRX coach. She epitomizes eating healthy and has the fitness-level that is the envy of her students!! She is always aware of our individual capabilities and ensures proper form to prevent injuries. Always encouraging and positive and fun. Very knowledgeable about the industry and routinely shares training and nutrition tips.  And she is always cheering us on during training sessions with:  " you can do it"!  Now I have the best training exercise (TRX) and the best trainer!  This time I feel confident that I will reach my personal goals." 



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