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Todd Andrews
Your Placentia Chiropractor

Dr. Andrews has been seeing me and my 3 sons for over 10 years. For many years I weight trained aggressively and as of the last few years have switched to training and competing in triathlons. My sons play competitive club soccer and basketball as well as for their respective high school.

Dr. Andrews has treated me for a neck injury, low back pain and a host of injuries brought on by an overzealous competitive spirit. Among the techniques applied has been and extensive use of ART and Laser Therapy. These treatments have allowed me to continue my training without interruption and compete in races even when severe hamstring injuries appeared to be preventing me from participating in my feature race. Dr. Andrews also fitted me with Orthotics and I have never experienced shin splints- particularly since I run almost exclusively on concrete and pavement.

High School and club sport seasons are relatively short. Any injury such as a sprained ankle can typically mean up to six weeks lost, which eliminates about half a season. Dr. Andrews has mitigated severe sprains and strains with all my sons, allowing them to not only participate, but compete at an effective level. As a young person I "toughed out" my injuries, but I did not want the same for my sons. There is a great deal of comfort remanding the boys to his care and attention knowing he will prepare them properly and guide them to complete successful recoveries.

Dr. Andrews also has provided a full line of supplements and detoxification programs to help me maximize my training efforts. His attention to a complete program, wellness, and preventative maintenance has allowed me to enjoy athletics and competing well into my middle age career.

Dr. Andrews has been an effective and empathetic physician. I am grateful to Dr. Andrews for his care and attention to all of my family's needs and injuries. He always finds a way to work us into his schedule and the care is consistent and professional. He is a gentle and giving person. He has shown me personally a considerable amount of care and support. I appreciate him enormously and cannot offer a higher recommendation.

Michael B. - Tri Athlete

On several occasions I have used the Chiropractic services of Todd Andrews. Dr. Andrews is expert in dealing with sports related injuries and everyday, troublesome aches and pains. Recently, I visited Dr. Todd when my over exuberance during boot camp left me limping, then walking with pain. Dr. Todd used laser therapy to get me back in the game. Almost immediately, the warm rays from the laser loosened my constricted muscles. A couple of sessions later my walking improved dramatically. I was still not quite ready to run a marathon, but the laser sped the recovery time and allowed me to complete my boot camp.

Todd Andrews keeps up with the latest chiropractic techniques to enhance the quality of services for his clients. He uses Active Release Techniques and works well with clients who have a fear of certain chiropractic techniques, such as “cracking the neck”.

Weekend warriors and serious athletes need a reliable chiropractor for their inevitable injuries. I recommend that anyone experiencing muscle or joint pain or pain from injury check out Dr. Todd Andrews.

Amanda G. W.- Attorney at Law

  • I was playing competitive beach volleyball when I suffered a separated shoulder. I was told I would be out 4-6 weeks by other doctors. I found out about ART & found Dr. Andrews, he had me back out on the beach playing in two weeks. After that I was a believer in ART & Dr. Andrews. I've been a client of Dr. Andrews for 4 years now.

    Show More - Joy A. - Pro Volleyball Player
  • The muscles in my upper back were spasming terribly, causing pain in my spine and shoulders. I tried many unsuccessful therapies and treatments before coming to Dr. Andrews. His use of ART, Laser Therapy, and treatment plan has allowed me to swim & play golf PAIN FREE!

    - Andrew C. - Pilot
  • I injured my groin several months ago and for the longest time it failed to heal adequately enough to return to normal activities and a high level of performance. Since coming to get regular treatments of ART and Laser, my leg has seen dramatic improvements and have been able to return to normal daily activities without pain and have also been able to get back onto the soccer field to train and compete at a high level.

    Show More - Jonathon B. - Semi Pro Soccer Player
  • I am an independent hairstylist who works many hours on my feet. Because of the nature of my business, I continually suffer from pain in my back and shoulders. Dr. Andrews has done a wonderful job of keeping me adjusted and feeling my best. Not only has he helped to ease my pain, he has shown me stretching techniques that help prevent future problems. Thank you Dr. Andrews!

    Show More - Lori B. - Hairstylist
  • I was involved in two car accidents in 1993 and 1994, in which I sustained a back injury. I sought conventional treatment at a doctor's office, during which I recieved steroid injections for a severe muscle spasm and physical therapy to strengthen my lower back. This did give me some immediate relief, but not long term relief. I suffered with back pain and muscle spasms for years before visiting Dr. Andrews. He put me on a treatment plan involving exercise, electrical stimulation, massage, and r

    Show More - B.J. M.- R.N.
  • I began treatment with Dr. Andrews more than 10 years ago. As a first-time chiropractic patient I was somewhat skeptical, but the immediate pain reduction was such a relief! Over the years I have appreciated the superb care that comes from his holistic approach and diverse treatment techniques. He has taught me how to take better care of myself, and the quality of my active lifestyle has been enhanced. In terms of care, service and results, Dr. Andrews has raised the bar by which I evaluate my o

    Show More - Judith A. A., Ph.D. - Retired, C.S.U.F.
  • Dr. Todd Andrews really helped me with my back pain and also a pain that I had in my calf from running. His Active Release Technique really works! I have always had a dull pain in my shoulder/back from carrying a heavy purse. The ART method cleared up the pain and it has never come back. Thank you, Dr. Todd! You are a miracle worker.

    Show More - Linda M.- Mary Kay, Sr. Sales Director


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